Future Events

Upcoming monthly events

Every third weekend of the month we will again plan an event.  Theme evenings / brunch etc. Please don't forget to check out what we are planning next.


Basically we always hope for good weather, in case of rain and storm we always postpone to the following weekend.


You are also welcome to write us what you would like to see as an event with us.   







Past Events

Mallorquin Theme Night

Thanks to Maylen and Laura, two wonderful chefs from Spain, we had an amazing Mallorquin Theme Night in August. The food was brilliant and the vibe was unique. The food was so loved that there was no time to take pictures. Among the dishes was Tumbet, various Pa amb oli, cocas, Pica-pica, Frito de matanzas, and much more.

However, through this event we have learned that in future events our guests will have to make a deposit when reserving a place. If you don' show up, the deposit will be forfeited. This is to serve the sustainability. If you do come, you are still free to decide how much you want to pay, offsetting the deposit already paid. 


In the future we hope to be able to offer you more Spanish theme events with the best cooks on the island!


Read here what the newspaper published about our Event. 


Mushroom hunting

In autumn we were out twice to discover the mushrooms of the Tramuntana. Under the expert guidance of Gori and Xisco, the specimens found were divided into edible and inedible. While the mushrooms were being appraised, Rosa was already beginning to prepare the mushroom soup and main course. The "good ones" went into the pot and were eaten afterwards with great pleasure . It was a great enrichment for all of us to get to know the Mallorcan flora and food culture!

Many thanks to Rosa, Gori and Xisco!!!

Annual Easter brunch

Like last year, we invited this year to the traditional Easter brunch - unfortunately, the weather was not the best. At short notice, we rescheduled and celebrated inside the house Son Roig.

Many thanks to all who braved the spooky weather and enriched the Sunday with their stay with us!